Kameli Travel is a small travel agency, but we still operate in a fairly wide area. We can arrange a memorable and safe trip for you, your family or your group to 21 different African countries – from the heart of the Sahara to the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Guinea, and now also to Ethiopia, Somaliland and Puntland. We have experience from the Sahara, West Africa and the Horn of Africa!

People travel to West Africa because of its incredibly diverse culture. Even on a short trip, you'll at best travel through several tribes and language groups, see diverse wildlife from rainforest to world-class sandy beaches, and take part in a variety of festivals. And yes, you can go on safari in West Africa too! The Sahara is anything but a dead sandbox – you'll find palm-fringed oases, small villages, rich culture, the friendliest people in Africa and, of course, sand in all its forms, from dune seas to vast rocky plains. Why not go to the Sahara or West Africa this time? Contact us!

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